Thursday, February 5, 2009

Doctor Visit

Yesterday, I went to see the Lupus doctor. He gave me some patches for the horrible pain in the tops of my feet.

He continues to say, I have Lupus and I continue to say, I do not.

He did talk to me about our insurance problem. He said, he would continue to see me no matter what. I am so very grateful. The fibromyalgia can be so very hard to handle that sometimes just talking to him about this can be helpful.

So, I have some relief about the insurance stuff and I put a patch on my foot last night and have had no pain. It is an anti inflamatory patch.

Thank you God


Tom Usher said...

It's not my usual style to talk about such things, but if it might help you...

I was drinking too much coffee. In addition to making my nose run like crazy, it caused a throbbing/stabbing pain on the top of my foot. It had never done those things before; but when I backed off, both troubles cleared.

My feet and ankles were swollen though. I cut out some salty food I had been overeating without thinking enough of it since I don't add salt to my food ever.

Horse Chestnut is good for leg veins, so I used a bottle of that.

Then, since I was sitting too much, I started exercising my hips, legs, and feet (toe raises), etc. That really helped.

Finally, optimum weight is good. I was too thin.


LFA said...

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I am hoping you can help me rally all the "lupus troops."

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To take it a step further, if you're willing to do so, I'd really appreciate it you would consider posting this information (what you find at the link to my blog) on your blog, and letting all your friends and family know how important this is to the lupus community.

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Becky said...

Hi! I just joined, and wanted to say hang in there. I'm praying for you, and it will get better! I have had Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for over 20 years, and Lupus (SLE) for just over a year, along with extreme fatigue.

The numbness in my legs could be the MS, or Lupus, or ???? Lukewarm baths help, Naproxyn has helped the pain in my legs. It's kind of crazy to realize I have numb legs, but also have pain in them!!!! My Lupus doc has me taking Naproxyn, Plaquenil, and some herbs that seem to help a lot. I hope something I've said my help. I'll keep you in my prayers, I promise!

Given55 said...


Thanks for commenting. What herbs are you taking? I am very interested in natural remedies.

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