Thursday, February 5, 2009

Doctor Visit

Yesterday, I went to see the Lupus doctor. He gave me some patches for the horrible pain in the tops of my feet.

He continues to say, I have Lupus and I continue to say, I do not.

He did talk to me about our insurance problem. He said, he would continue to see me no matter what. I am so very grateful. The fibromyalgia can be so very hard to handle that sometimes just talking to him about this can be helpful.

So, I have some relief about the insurance stuff and I put a patch on my foot last night and have had no pain. It is an anti inflamatory patch.

Thank you God

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I have not written here in a very long time, but people keep showing up to read. so, I thought I would do an update.

I have been feeling fairly well. The tops of my feet hurt a lot. Feels like it is the tendons or like I am being stabbed by a pencil.

today, I see the doctor. Except for the feet and a few bumps o n my face, I am fine. Physically that is.

My husband is about to be laid off and that means no more insurance. I am fortunate to have medicare. But, that does not cover medicine. I have been looking at online pharmacies, to see if I can find better prices. One of my medicines cost $400.00 a month.

Life is about to change for me. A huge change. We will have to give up our home and move to our farm. We can sustain ourselves there but, I do not know if I can keep up the work. My daughter and her family will be moving there with us and that will help. They are homesteaders and can work the land better than I.

So, that is my update. Physically...not so bad...mentally...falling apart.

Monday, July 7, 2008


I have been very depressed. God had a plan for me though and now I am so much better. My mind is now clear and joy is back in my life.

My feet swelled up. They got so huge that it looked like I had a roll of fat hanging off of them. Got some water pills and lost 13 pounds of water. WOW!! That's a lot of water. But, joy comes in the morning. I can now move again and have no pain.

All blood test continue to show the Lupus markers suppressed and for that I am thankful to the Lord. He is my strength and my redemeer. Without Him, none of this would be possible.

My healing has come through Him.

Friday, June 20, 2008


The water pills worked.

Problem is when I went off of them I swelled right back up. Not just my feet, my whole body.

I have found a few old water pills and am taking them while I wait to hear from the doctor.

Still no results on all that blood they took from me. I figure if there is something wrong, the doctor would have called.

Worry is believing the lies of Satan. So, I have to discipline myself not to worry. I didn't use to worry about the outcome of a test, but, today I tend to worry more. Perhaps, it is because I sat with two people as they died this last year.

Your own mortality creeps up on you when you watch someone die.

I praise God for today. I am not promise tomorrow, but today I rejoice.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Water Pills

I tried to sneak into my doctors office and not see him. I was just going to have my blood work and ask for a protein test because of my swollen feet. This did not work. One look at my swollen feet and it was in to see the doctor.

He suggested I have a protein test. "Duh"!!

No protein found. So, more blood work to try and see what is happening. He, also, put me on water pills. "Yea"!!!

Took my first yesterday. Spent the morning on the toilet. I swelled up more. This morning I was just as big. I can not remember how long it takes for water pills to shrink swelling. But, I am waiting.